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It’s easy to apply for an auto title loan in Santa Rosa, California. Santa Rosa is a city much like all others in northern California; picturesque. Nestled in Sonoma County but only a short drive from San Francisco, Santa Rose is known for its many vineyards, rolling hills, dewy mornings, and brilliant sunsets. 


If you live in Santa Rosa and need a quick injection of cash, rest assured that you can quickly and easily find a handful of car title lenders who would be more than happy to work with you in order to get you the money you need when you need t sunsets. If you live in Santa Rosa and need a quick injection of cash, rest assured that you can quickly and easily find a handful of car title lenders who would be more than happy to work with you in order to get you the money you need when you need it.

What Docs Am I Going to Need to Take Out a Title Loan?

In the event that you are facing a time of monetary insecurity and are searching for a fast way to get your hands on some money, you may be wondering if a title loan is a good option to get that cash.


Vehicle title lenders are ordinarily quite adaptable when it comes to making a title loan possible for applicants, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t specific documents they will need to evaluate to determine whether or not you are fit for a title loan. 



FHere are the accompanying docs you can expect to give to any online lender: 


  • Drivers permit
  • A duplicate of your vehicle’s title
  • Verification of salary
  • Subtleties of your vehicle, this could incorporate photographs, video, or an in-person examination 

When you divulge these important documents, you can typically find out whether or not you will get accepted within 30 minutes. 


Here at TitlePlan, we make it our business to ensure that you get your cash as quickly possible. We realize that in this instance you need a speedy loan. If you’re facing a money crisis, the best way to get approved fast is to have all the necessary documents ready and available. After that, it’s in your lenders’ hands. 

What About My Credit?

If you’ve applied for other type of common loans such as personal loans from a bank, you already know that your credit report is very important. The simple reason why is because your credit report – or credit score as it is also commonly known – tells potential lenders about your past borrowing history. It can be a great asset if you have a great title loan, but can be a real hindrance if you have experienced a default, bankruptcy, or eviction in your past. 


In fact, a bad credit score can very often lead to you getting straight up denied for a loan application.


Getting rejected for a loan can be frustrating enough, but if you are in the midst of a true financial emergency, a rejected loan can set you back even further than you already are. 


Luckily for you, car title lenders are known to never ask their customers to hand over their credit scores when it comes to deciding whether or not to approve a title loan. The straight forward reason for that is because title loans are not like unsecured loans that are based on an applicant’s credit score. They are instead based directly on the value of your vehicle. 

What Kind of Expenses Can I Use My Title Loan For?

There are a few types of loans that can only be applied to specific types of expenses, like a car loan of small business loan. With title loans, the options for what you can put the money you get in exchange for your vehicle’s title is completely up to you. If you are currently in the midst of specific financial crisis and are wondering if a title loan can help you cover the costs, here are some common things people put their title loan money towards. 


  • mortgage payments
  • healthcare expenses
  • school bills
  • evading property foreclosure
  • household goods
  • gasoline
  • vehicle or home repairs
  • unforeseen expenses
  • health emergencies

About Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa was first founded in 1833, and since then it has become a substantial city in northern California. It is the fifth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the largest city in California’s Redwood Empire. While the city is still recovering from the devastating wild fire that took place in October 2017, Santa Rosa is still going strong. Perhaps that’s thanks in part to the spirit of the city, which was well mirrored in 76-year-old Peter Land’s one-man battle against the blaze to protect his Safari West Wildlife Preserve. As the fire blazed on, Land single-handedly battled back the storm with his garden hose, protecting the more than 1000 animals that call the preserve home, and becoming a local hero in the process.

Santa Rosa Title Loans

If you are in the need of fast cash, contact us at TitlePlan and we will help you get the fast cash you need. 

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