Registration Loans

A registration loan allows you to drive off with hundreds or thousands of dollars in under 24 hours even if you have not paid off your vehicle in full. It’s quick and easy to apply, and can help you solve your cash problems fast. With a registration loan, similar to a car title loan, you can use the equity in your vehicle for a fast short term personal loan. If you aren’t finished with your car loan payments and don’t quite have full ownership over your car, you might think you’re out of luck when it comes to car title loans. But that’s not always the case.

How to apply for registration loans online

One of the greatest aspects of registration loans is that they can be easily applied for online. You can apply for a registration loan from the comfort fo your own home as long as your have access to a computer or smartphone, and do so any time of day or night. See more here about 24 hour car title loans

As soon as you send us your vehicle’s information, a loan specialist will reach out to you to help connect you with the perfect lender for you. Our network of lenders spans across the state and you can be sure that you will be working with the top lenders and get the best terms and rates that are available to you.

How Do Registration Loans Work?

Just like a title loan, registration loans are great because you still get to hold onto your vehicle throughout the entire term of your loan. You can get the money you need to cover bills, medical expenses, debts, or more and still drive your car around just like you normally would.

Thanks to fast approval, you will be able to know within just minutes what type of loan you can expect.

The steps to getting your own registration loan is fast and easy:

  • Submit your online application to get a pre-approval quote
  • Go over the details with one of our experienced registration loan experts
  • Set up a payment plan that works for you and receive your loan

It’s that easy!

Will bad credit impact my registration loan?

If you are worried how bad credit might impact your ability to get a fast registration loan, have no fear. You can get a registration loan without undergoing a credit check whatsoever. Whether you have good credit, bad, credit, or no credit history, TitlePlan will help you get the cash you need.

As long as you have your car’s registration, and a few personal documents, we will make it our priority to get you the cash you need.

Why wait? Fill out your application and find out how much you can get from a registration loan today!

Why take out a registration loan?

After learning a bit more about registration loans, you are probably still wondering whether or not they are right for you. If you are asking yourself, “Should I take out a registration loan,” the first place you want to look is at your finances.

Being late on bills can be a huge cause of stress. Not only can you accrue late fees and increased interest fees, paying your bills late can also have a dramatic impact on your credit score. Lowering your credit score can have an even greater impact on your ability to take out unsecured loans, take out a new credit card, or get a large loan such as a mortgage in the future.

That’s one major reason why registration loans can be so valuable. If you are coming up to the deadline of some important bills, a registration loan can get you the money you need fast. Unlike other types of loans that have a drawn out application process and can take days or even weeks to finally get approved, registration loans are quick and easy to secure.

Another popular reason why people take out registration loans is if they are faced with a medical emergency. Even if you have fantastic healthcare, sometimes you are simply unable to come up with the money you need in order to take care of a costly medical operation. When you or a loved one’s health is on the line, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you will be able to cover the costs.

A registration loan can get you the fast cash you need to get the medical operation taken care of so you or your loved one in need can get back to leading a healthy and happy life.

Finally, another reason to consider taking out a registration loan is if you need a quick injection of cash in order to take the next step in your business’ success. Often, the early stages of any kind of business requires a large amount of loans, credit, and risk. If you have already exerted all of your available loans and unsecured credit but still need more liquid cash to push you over the edge, a registration loan can be very helpful.


Ultimately, whether or not a registration loan is right for you is based entirely on your finances. There is risk whenever you take out a secured loan and to truly make your registration work for you, you have to approach it responsibly and know exactly what is expected of you.

Know exactly how much your interest rate is, know the term of your payment, and all the other variables that are involved with your registration loan.

Here are TitlePlan, we make it our job to help you find the right lender for you. Whether it is looking for lenders who can get you the largest registration loan, lenders who have have the lowest interest rates, or lenders that have the most flexible payment terms, our extensive network of lenders will help you get exactly what you want out of your loan.

All that’s left is for you to decide whether or not a registration loan is the right choice for you!