Summerville Title Loans

If you are in need of a bad credit loan in Summerville, South Carolina contact us at TitlePlan and we will help you unlock the value of your vehicle with a car title loan.

Summerville first began as a settlement shortly after the United States had won its independence in the Revolutionary War. At first, it was referred to as Pineland Village – and at first residents of Charleston came to what would become Summerville to avoid seasonal insects and swamp fever. In 1847, Summerville officially became a town, and it boasts a population of approximately 50,000 residents.

How a title loan in Summerville works.

A title loan in Summerville operates the same way as it does in any other city and state in the United States. To put it simply, a title loan in Summerville is a secured loan in which you borrow a short-term personal loan against the value of a car that you own in full and have a lien-free car title on. The value of your car determines the maximum amount that a title loan company will lend you, it will similarly determine whether or not you are approved for the loan in the first place.

If you are seriously considering taking out a car title loan, you are probably wondering what kind of documents you will be expected to provide in order to qualify. While all car title lenders are different in terms of what they need and what they don’t need when it comes to approving applications, there are some general documents that are required regardless of what company you are working with.

Here are the following documents you can expect to provide to any online title lender:

  • Drivers license
  • A copy of your car title
  • Proof of income
  • Details of your vehicle (may include photos, video, or an in-person inspection)

What role does my credit score play in taking out a title loan in Summerville?

Your credit score is of the utmost importance when applying for traditional personal loans. That’s because a credit score tells lenders how responsible you have been in the past when it comes to taking out loans and paying them back in time.

If you’ve had a default, a bankruptcy, or an eviction in the past, you can be pretty confident that you will not qualify for unsecured loans of many kinds.

Title loans are very different.

There’s no credit check during the application process for a title loan in Summerville, and the entire application process moves incredibly quickly. Because of the quick turnaround and lack of credit score check, car title loans are incredibly popular for borrowing who are in need of fast cash.

Refinance fast with bad credit

You may be looking to refinance a title loan in Summerville to save on interest payments or get that cash you need today on top of your existing, current loan. Our loans have no prepayment penalties which is a big advantage when you are looking to save or not pay too many fees.

What is great is that funds can be provided into your bank account once you are approved. Our approval process is fast. We look at your income,  your documents, and the condition of the vehicle and can give you a same day decision on how much you qualify to borrow.

Unlock the equity in your vehicle with a top rated and highly reviewed title loan. Don’t have a car? No problem, we can look at boats, SUV’s, trucks, motorhomes, and other forms of security.

There are a lot of flexibility and our friendly staff will work with you to try our best to get you that fast emergency cash you need to get. Title loans have benefits over payday loans in that you can save on fees when you pay the loan out early.

About Summerville

Since the summer of 1972, the town of Summerville has supported the Summerville Family YMCA in hosting the annual Flowertown Festival to support health and wellness programs at the YMCA. It is the largest arts and crafts festival in South Carolina. It is held during the last weekend of March or the first weekend of April in the Summerville Azalea Park. It will often coincide with the Annual Cooper River Bridge Run that is held in Charleston the same weekend. During the three days of the Flowertown Festival, Summerville will see approximately 200,000 visitors.

Title Loan Lenders in Summerville

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