Mount Pleasant Title Loans

If you are in need of a bad credit loan in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina just contact us at TitlePlan and we will help you unlock the equity of your vehicle with a car title loan.

Mount Pleasant is a large suburban town in Charleston County, South Carolina. It is the fourth largest municipality and largest official town in South Carolina, and for several years it was one of the state’s fastest growing areas, doubling in population between and 1990 and 2000.

Can my credit keep me from taking out a title loan in Mount Pleasant?

For most types of loans, you credit score plays an incredibly important aspect of your ability to take out a loan. That’s because your credit score tells loan lenders about your borrowing history. If you have a high credit score, lenders will know that you are a responsible borrower. They will feel confident in lending you money because they will feel confident that you will be able to pay it back.

On the other hand, if you have a poor credit score, lenders are likely to reject you because they don’t feel confident that you will actually be able to pay it back.

When it comes to title loans in Mount Pleasant, you credit score won’t keep you from getting the money you need. That’s because car title loans are secured loans tied to the value of your car. Because the value of your car dictates whether or not you qualify for a title loan in Mount Pleasant and how much that loan is worth, most title loan lenders won’t even ask for a credit score check!

Using My Vehicle as Security

With an auto equity loan, your vehicle will be used as security to help you secure your car title loan. Because of this, the value of your car is very important to your lender. That’s because it will help a lender make a decision on whether or not to fund you (and how much to fund you for).

If you don’t have a car, don’t worry! We can use a handful of vehicle types such as trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and more to get you a title loan.

If you need help salvaging your car title, don’t worry. We can help with that too! Call us at TitlePlan or reach out to us online to get your application started. Get the cash you need fast when you need it. Why wait? Start today and get online to apply for your title loan in Mount Pleasant.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Car Title Loan?

The entire process of submitting your application, having it evaluated, and qualifying for a title loan can take less than 30 minutes. Here at TitlePlan, we make it our job to make sure that the entire process takes a little time as possible so that you can get the money you need exactly when you need it.

One way to ensure that your application and approval process goes as quickly as possible is to make sure that you have the necessary proof of income. This allows lenders to get insight into how you will be able to pay back your loan.

On top of that, the better condition your car is in, the lower your interest rate will likely be. That means that you will be paying less in interest fees throughout the life of your loan. This will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the amount of your loan and the length of your payment term.

What do I need to take out a title loan in Mount Pleasant

This is a great question and is one that you should absolutely ask yourself when you are considering applying for a car title loan. The truth is, because your title loan is based off of the value of your vehicle, the value of that loan can vary widely.

While title loans can typically have a maximum value of $50,000, the actual value of a loan usually lies somewhere in between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

One great way to get insight into the potential value of your loan is to look at the market value of your vehicle on Kelley Blue Book.

Some deciding factors to consider include:

  • The mileage on your vehicle
  • The age of your vehicle
  • The condition of your car both body and mechanical
  • Your car’s current resale value

About Mount Pleasant

One of the best things Mount Pleasant has to offer visitors and residents alike is its Old Village District.

Known for its stately live oaks and historic homes, the origin of the Old Village of Mount Pleasant stretch back to the 1700s.

Originally the location of summer homes for wealthy Charleston residents, one of the area’s oldest waterfront communities is now a year-round place to live, work, and play for residents and visitors alike. The small-town main street is a center for local events and home to vibrant independent businesses.

Title Loan Lenders in Mount Pleasant

  • TitleMax Title Loans ; 843-856-1878
    425 US-17 BYP, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, USA
  • Auto Money Title Loans ; 843-388-0513
    796 Johnnie Dodds Ste A, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, USA