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Peoria Title Loans

If you need cash fast, bad credit auto loans are plentiful in Peoria, Arizona. Peoria is currently the sixth largest city in Arizona when it comes to land area and the ninth largest city in the state when it comes to population. 


Located in the greater Phoenix area, Peoria is surrounded by some of the most visited and attractive parts of the state of Arizona. It’s just two hours away from the desert forests of Flagstaff, a short drive from the Ghost Town of Jerome, and also nearby to the Montezuma Castle National Monument. No matter where you are in Peoria, you will be close to some of the more beautiful landmarks the state of Arizona has to offer.

Best Online Title Loans

Finding the best local auto title loans is not always easy. If you are wanting to take out a car title loan, you better make sure that you are working with one of the best car title loan companies in Arizona. But that’s easier said than done! Things that you will want to look out for include interest rates, payment terms, and customer testimonials. 


Finding all that information takes a whole lot of time and energy, however, and if you are just as busy as most people you probably don’t have the time to do all that research! 

One option that you absolutely have if you are looking to work with only the best title loan companies in your area is to contact at at TitlePlan.

Here at TitlePlan, we help connect you with a local lender to be able to get the loan you need through an online application. We aim to make title lending easy for you and our phone lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for title loan applications.


24 Hr Title Loan

24 hour car title loans are not only possible, but the norm! In fact, the entire process of submitting your application, having it evaluated, and qualifying for a title loan can take less than 30 minutes. Here at TitlePlan, we make it our job to make sure that the entire process takes a little time as possible so that you can get the quick cash you need exactly when you need it.

One way to ensure that your application and approval process goes as quickly as possible is to make sure that you have the necessary proof of income. This allows lenders to get insight into how you will be able to pay back your loan.

On top of that, the better condition your car is in, the lower your interest rate will likely be. That means that you will be paying less in interest fees throughout the life of your loan. This will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the amount of your loan and the length of your payment term.


Low Interest Title Loans

Car title loans often are known to come with quite expensive interest rates or annual percentage rates, low interest car title loans in Arizona are quite common.The reason why is thanks to Arizona state law which has made some specific laws to make sure that those who take our auto title loans in Arizona are protected.  


It is not rare for other types of fast cash loans to have interest rates up to 30 percent! In Arizona, state law requires interest loans to remain much, much lower:

  • For loans worth $500 or less, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 17 percent.
  • For loans between $501 and $2500, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 15 percent.
  • For loans between $2501 and $5000, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 13 percent.
  • For loans of $5001 or more, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 10 percent.

About Peoria

Spring training for professional sports teams has a long and fruitful history in Peoria. From the late 1970s to the 1990s, Peoria’s Greenway Sports Complex served as a minor-league training facility for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. This small and modest facility was located at 83rd Avenue and the Greenway Road alignment, the location of the future Peoria Sports Complex. Construction of the new complex was approved in 1990. It was completed four years layer and was the first Major League Baseball spring training facility in the country shared by two teams. The San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners utilize the complex year round for spring training and player development. Arizona’s dry and sunny weather makes its a perfect location for spring training as these two pro ball clubs prepare for the long and grueling season ahead.

Peoria Title Loans

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