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Receive an online bad credit car title loan from an online lender in Scottsdale. Often loans are approved and funded the same day. Scottsdale, Arizona was once known as little more than a getaway for avid golfers, but in recent memory it has become so much more than that. In 1951, the population of Scottsdale was just 2,000. Now, the population of Scottsdale is over 236,000 good for the fourth-largest city in Arizona.

Scottsdale has endless possibilities to offer for residents and visitors alike. With its string of high-class hotels, spas, and restaurants, it’s countless golf clubs, and its divers and fun-filled downtown area, Scottsdale has much to offer.

Scottsdale Arizona

If you are a resident of Scottsdale and are looking for a way to get quick and easy cash to cover an emergency expense, pay for a last-minute vacation or investment, or simply to make ends meet, one option available to you is to turn your car title into cash and take out a car title loan in Scottsdale.

How to Get a Loan With No Credit


If you are in need of a fast cash personal loan, but do not have the credit score necessary to take out a traditional type of unsecured loan one option is to take out a car title loans with no credit check.


The reason why car title loans are perfect for those who are looking for loans with no credit is because instead of being based off your credit score, your loan is based off the value of your vehicle (that you own in full and have a lien-free title on) and your ability to repay your loan. 


We aim to make the process fast, quick and simple. . Here at TitlePlan, we make it our job to make sure that that process takes as little time as possible so that you can get the money you need within a business day of applying. 


It’s that fast and easy process that makes title loans so attractive to people who are facing a cash emergency. When you are in need of quick cash the last thing you want to do is wait on hold at the bank or wait in line at some local financial institution. 


If you need cash today you want it TODAY. That’s what we can help you get at TitlePlan. For us it’s all about getting the customer what they need when they need it. If that means a loan with cash in hand in the same business day that you apply, we will make it our priority to make that happen. 


Low Interest Title Loans

 While auto title loans are known for coming with high annual percentage rates, it’s actually quite possible to find low interest car title loans throughout the state of Arizona. 

In fact, in the Arizona state law requires interest loans to remain quite low to make sure that the borrower (you) is protected from high interest rates that make your title loan harder to repay. 


  • For loans worth $500 or less, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 17 percent.
  • For loans between $501 and $2500, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 15 percent.
  • For loans between $2501 and $5000, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 13 percent.
  • For loans of $5001 or more, the maximum monthly interest rate that can be charged is 10 percent
With these laws, and TitlePlan’s help, you can be sure that you will be getting the lowest interest rate car title loans available to you. 

How to Get a Title Loan Without a Clear Title?

if you’ve done some research on car title loans, you’ve probably already discovered that one of the typical requirements to take out a loan on your car title is to have a clear title.

But, you can also can get a car title loan no title needed. 

An auto title loan if you don’t have a clear title is called a second lien title loan, this allows you to apply for a title loan with a lien-free title. The process to apply for a second lien title loan is quite similar to applying for a normal title loan, the main difference is that you need need to provide proof of your first lien as opposed to a clear title.

 Without good credit, it’s hard to get the loan you need in order to cover the financial emergency you are dealing with, but with a title loan you can do just that. 

Use your vehicle as security today and get the cash you need fast and easy.


About Scottsdale

One thing to definitely know about Scottsdale is that its nightlife and partying scene is actually quite incredible. It was described as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach” by the New York Times and goes by the slogan, “The West’s Most Western Town.”

Perhaps the best example of Scottsdale’s love to have fun is their annual 16th at TPC Scottsdale golf tournament. The tournament features some of the best golfers in the world, but off the green, viewers are taking part in full-on tailgate style partying. It’s definitely something to attend if you are a lover of the fairway and a lover of a tall, cool beer.

Scottsdale Title Loans

If you are in need of a bad credit loan, contact us at TitlePlan and we will help you get the fast cash you need.

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