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If you are in need of of fast cash in Sumter, South Carolina contact us at TitlePlan and we will help you get the money you need by unlocking the equity of your vehicle.

Known as the Sumter Metropolitan Statistical Area, Sumter boasts a population of over 40,000 residents. Sumter is home to several pillars of South Carolina culture including Morris College, University of South Carolina Sumter, Saint Leo University, Troy University, and Webster University.


Beyond that, Sumter is also home to Shaw Air Force Base, headquarters of the United States Air Forces Central Command, United States Army Central, 9th Air Force, the 20th Fighter Wing, and many other units. The base itself is named after 1st Lieutenant Ervin David Shaw, one of the first Americans to fly combat mission in World War I.

Bad Credit Car Title Loans

 If you are looking for bad credit auto title loans, you have come to the right place! Here at TitlePlan we make it our number one priority to help you get the bad credit loan you need on the same business day that you apply.
With auto title loans, there is no need for the financial institutions to look at your credit score because your credit history is of no consequence when you are trying to take out a car title loan. 

That’s because car title loans are secured loans, which means that the only thing that matters to title lenders is that you have a car that you own in full and have a lien-free title loan and that you have an ability to repay you loan. 

How Much Can I Get For a Title Loan?

When trying to figure out how much  title loan the answer depends almost entirely on the value of your car. Typically, the dollar amount that you get in a title loan will be somewhere between 30 percent and 50 percent of the total value of your vehicle.  Factors that title lenders look at regarding your vehicle are as follows: 



  • The mileage on your vehicle
  • The age of your vehicle
  • The condition of your car both body and mechanical
  • Your car’s current resale value


Thing’s that you want to keep in mind when it comes to taking out a secured loan on your car title is that the annual percentage rate (or interest rate) are quite high. That means that your loan could get quite expensive rather quickly. 


If it does, you might be asking “can I refinance my title loan?” At TItlePlan, the answer is yes! We can help offer title loan relief today. 

I Can't Pay My Title Loan

You may be looking to refinance or get out of a title loan to save on interest payments or because you can’t pay your current loan.  While title loans are typically short-term loans, refinanced title loans can have much longer payment terms which means you have more time to pay back your loan. 


Our car title loans have no prepayment penalties which is a big advantage when you are looking to save or not pay too many fees.

What is great is that funds can be provided into your bank account once you are approved. Our approval process is fast. We look at your income,  your documents, and the condition of the vehicle and can give you a same day decision on how much you qualify to borrow.

About Sumpter

Sumter was first named Sumterville when it incorporated in 1845, and was shortened 10 years later. The city itself is named after legendary revolutionary General Thomas Sumter, the “Fighting Gamecock” of the American Revolutionary War.

Sumter Title Loans

If you are in need of a fast cash loan in Wisconsin, contact us at TitlePlan and we will help you unlock the equity of your vehicle.

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